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10 Ways to Prepare for a Home Inspection

If you’ve decided to sell your home, it will likely need to be inspected. A thorough home inspection provides details on the current state of a home to the buyer and seller and enables an informed decision and negotiation to be made on the sale of the home.

A standard home inspection is a non-invasive, visual inspection of a structure. It is conducted by a licensed professional, who will look for defects or issues with the structure and its components, then provide you with a digital photo report for your review.

We know that many people feel overwhelmed by having their home inspected when preparing to sell their home. You might not know how to prepare or what to expect. We get it; having people look around your space can feel intimidating. But at Perry Inspections, we want you to feel as prepared as possible!

Here is our checklist of 10 ways to prepare for a home inspection:

  1. Deep clean your house.

  2. Tidy garage, attic, and basement.

  3. Clean around water heaters and furnaces.

  4. Trim trees, bushes, and landscaping so there is 4-6” space left around the house.

  5. Turn on all utilities.

  6. Ensure everything is accessible. Outdoor gates should be unlocked, electric panels shouldn’t be hidden behind anything, and other utilities need to be easy to get to.

  7. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries as needed.

  8. Prepare to provide maintenance records.

  9. Crate pets if leaving them at home during an inspection.

  10. Catch up on general maintenance, i.e. running toilets, clearing clogged drains, cleaning gutters, replacing air filters, etc.

We will find out if there are any issues with your home, so we advise you to communicate them and fix those things before we arrive if possible. You’ll feel better, and your home will show better!

Our standard inspection covers over 1,800 items. For an example of what we’ll inspect, you can find a sample home inspection report here, or learn more about our services and book an inspection here.

A home inspection might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparation and a licensed inspector, the process can be a stress-free process that provides you with the insights needed to better sell your home.


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